Website Design SMM Video & Email


Website Design SMM Video & Email

$1,650.00 $1,100.00 / month

Website design and social media management by VanBlaisa. We include everything from package one plus include social media management. Having a social media presence as a business online is an absolute must these days but who has the time to manage them? That’s why we at VanBlaisa have put togethor this package for you!

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Website design, SMM, Video & Email Marketing by VanBlaisa. We include everything from package one plus include social media management, video marketing and email marketing packages. Having a social media presence as a business online is an absolute must these days but who has the time to manage them? Let alone do videos and write emails so that’s why we at VanBlaisa Digital Marketing have put together this package for you!

What's Included In This Digital Marketing Package?

What's actually included in this digital marketing package? Look below and you will see the various digital marketing packages included in this bundle. This digital marketing package is a favorite for obvious reasons!

Premium Website Design & Hosting

This service is $275 per month. We design & host your website on our VPS and only host a very limited and select clientele. This ensures your website and it's pages are served up as fast as possible. Having a fast website is an absolute must have!

Website Design & Maintenance Package
Website Design & Maintenance By VanBlaisa Digital Marketing Order Your Digital Marketing Package Secure Order Get The Team At VanBlaisa[...]

Social Media Management

This service is $299 per month. We manage up to 5 different social media accounts for you. We manage your Facebook business page, your LinkedIn business page, your Pinterest & Instagram accounts and post videos to Youtube. This is a must have for customer engagement & acquisition. 

Social Media Management
Social Media Management For Small BusinessesSocial media management for small businesses. VanBlaisa Digital Marketing will take control of up to[...]

Video Publishing Marketing & Creation

This service is $299 per month. We create and design videos to help engage and grow your audience. These can be product, service, post or page related videos designed to promote your business. You have the final say before we publish the videos up to 5 per month.

Video Marketing
Video Marketing Is Set To Bet Bigger & Your Business Should Benefit From It!Video marketing is set to get a[...]

Email Marketing

This service is $299 per month. Email marketing is notoriously hard and under utilized by most online businesses. We take the hard work out of email marketing by it all for you. Without email marketing your going to struggle to convert your website visitors into customers! 

Email Marketing
Email Marketing For Small BusinessesWhat Is Email Marketing? Is Email Marketing Important For my Business?What is email marketing and is[...]


Richard and the team at VanBlaisa Digital Marketing are excellent at their job. We couldn't be happier to have them working with us in our business ventures.


Craig Holme

Exousia Digital


Richard at VanBlaisa has been nothing but professional. Fast, Efficient and with good Communication VanBlaisa is handling Southern Bay Brewerys' Social Media needs. 


The team at VanBlaisa supplied me with a quick easy hands free solution to promoting my affiliate business offline. They're awesome! I highly recommend them!


Susanne Barclay


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We work closely with our clients to ensure this isn't needed but it's a nice way to ensure your piece of mind.


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