Website Design & Social Media Management


Website Design & Social Media Management

$850.00 $550.00 / month

Website Design & Social Media Management

Website design and social media management by VanBlaisa. We include everything from package one plus include social media management. Having a social media presence as a business online is an absolute must these days but who has the time to manage them? That’s why we at VanBlaisa have put togethor this package for you!

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Website Design & Social Media Management

Website design and social media management by VanBlaisa includes everything done for you! Not only do we design update maintain, monitor and optimize your website but we also create engaging campaigns for your social media presence! By combining both social media management with the management of your website you significantly increase your likelihood of taking orders and developing a good and loyal customer base.

Plus We Manage Up To 5 Of Your Social Media Accounts!

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You Get Domain Name Registration & Transfer

Domain Name Registration

We will register your domain name and manage it on your behalf. If you ever want to take your services elsewhere (like you would want to do that anyway) we'll transfer your domain name to whomever you ask us to. We value our clients and work with them on an individual basis, you will know all the details of your domain name and where and how it is registered. 

Why Do You Register & Manage Our Domain Name?

We register and manage your domain name for many reasons but mostly for ease of management. 

Ultra Fast Hosting On Our Virtual Private Servers

Ultra Fast Website Hosting

We rent a VPS from a much larger host. We manage our own hosting environment within that VPS. This allows us to provide our clients with fast effective websites. Having a fast website is important and why we host our clients this way. Because we provide 24/7 support for our clients we also need to be able to access their websites in order to provide technical support.

Having A Fast Loading Website Is Important For Many Reasons!

If your website doesn't load in 3 - 5 secs or less your are likely experiencing a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate means your visitors are likely clicking away before your website loads properly.

Ongoing Website Design & Maintenance

Website design pinterest

We will liaise with you to create the perfect website design that suits you and your business. While designing your website we will integrate it into any of your social media accounts. Provide On Page SEO so your can be found on Google and other search engines.

Having A Fast Loading Website Is Important For Many Reasons!

Not only will we do the website design but we'll do much more! Unlike other website design companies we provide an ongoing monthly service.

24 Hours 7 Days Per Week Customer Service

247 customer service

Since it's no longer a matter of just putting up a website there is a need for a better service. So we setup and design your website, help you manage it, we keep it updated,

we help you tweak it and add other features and functions. Websites are meant to grow and be dynamic and doing this takes work!  That's what we do!

The team at VanBlaisa Digital Marketing are always on call for you and your business 24 hours a day 7 days per week!

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What Are Our Clients Saying?


Richard and the team at VanBlaisa Digital Marketing are excellent at their job. We couldn't be happier to have them working with us in our business ventures.


Craig Holme

Exousia Digital


Richard at VanBlaisa has been nothing but professional. Fast, Efficient and with good Communication VanBlaisa is handling Southern Bay Brewerys' Social Media needs. 


The team at VanBlaisa supplied me with a quick easy hands free solution to promoting my affiliate business offline. They're awesome! I highly recommend them!


Susanne Barclay


Plus We Manage 5 Of Your Social Media Accounts

A big part of digital marketing is social media management. Social media is important for many reasons like branding, engagement, website visitors, search engine optimization and so on. Our team will take either start or begin managing your existing social media pages. This includes Facebook Business Pages, LinkedIn Profiles, Twitter Accounts, Pinterest & Youtube. 






VanBlaisa Digital Marketing manage 5 different social media accounts from less than $2 per day!

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By managing your social business accounts we are able to grow your business influence both locally and internationally. We optimize and brand your social accounts with professional graphics specific to each. We use various social marketing tools to analyse your social accounts and post engaging content. 

 We Grow Your Social Influence

We Manage Your Social

We manage all your social accounts related to your business in the 5 main social websites listed above. We answer your audience on your behalf helping to engage them.

We Create Great Content

We create and share great content related to your website it's services and products. This helps your audience grow and become aware of your brand.

Photo, Graphics & Videos

We create and share info-graphics, photos and sometimes videos. These help people to share your content giving you greater visibility among your target demographic.

We Do The Heavy Lifting On Your Social Media

By responding to your messages your social media accounts are considered responsive. A responsive and active social page is key to it's growth and an important part to your digital marketing presence. 

Schedule Your Content

We broadcast your websites content across all your social media accounts helping to draw visitors and potential customers to your website.

Engage Your Clients

We've found that responding quickly to messages on social media helps to increase your influence as an active business who cares about it's customers.

We Measure Success

We use a number of analytical platforms to follow the success of your social media campaigns. Each month we will send you a report on the growth.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is the primary goal for most online businesses. Without an effective email marketing campaign for your business it’s likely to fail. The team at VanBlaisa Digital Marketing take the headache out of email marketing.




Social Media Management

VanBlaisa Digital Marketing will take control of up to 5 different social media accounts for your business. If you do not have 5 social media accounts for your business yet don’t worry because the team at VanBlaisa will create them for you.




Website Design

Website design and maintenance by VanBlaisa includes everything required to keep your business website online and running smoothly. This includes hosting, domain name registration, graphic design, shopping cart, search engine optimization and regular updates.




Essentials Package

We include everything from package one plus include social media management, video marketing and email marketing packages. Having a social media presence as a business is an absolute must these days but who has the time to manage and which ones are right for my business?


If your not completely happy with your digital marketing package from VanBlaisa Digital Marketing (like that's even possible) we'll completely refund your purchase! From the date of purchase and for a period of not more than 30 days we'll refund the full price of your purchase.

We work closely with our clients to ensure this isn't needed but it's a nice way to ensure your piece of mind.

Not Sure Which Package Suits Your Business Best?

Not sure which package suits your business? Call us on 0498 825 105 or fill out the form below and we'll give you a call.

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